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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Grew Up Old

Hey all,

IT's looking to be a poetry heavy month as that seems to be the mood of which I am in to write. There are other things I do want to post about, like the fall TV lineup or a True Story or two, but none of those things seem to currently interest me to write about. In my previous poem I mentioned that I had two other poems written, one along the same lines as that poem, and another in a more fragmentated state. After work today I sat down and took the fragments and wrote this poem. In doing so the poem came out more along the lines of a darker or depressing tone. It's another of my attempts to write about something that affects many people, even if it's not myself. Though I think we can all relate in some sense to giving into excess and the prices paid from our actions.

Grew Up Old

I grew up old,

Felt ahead of my days,

Thought I knew the answers,

Wouldn't change my ways.

As the years piled up,

My living stayed hard.

Excess wasn't enough,

Played out the last card.

Told my parents,

They could go to hell,

Gonna be on my own,

Oh how far I fell.

Just one more score,

Another drink or fight,

When the bottom dropped out,

Didn't know wrong from right.

But now I lost,

That pretense of youth,

And the consequences,

Just belay the truth.

Did too much drugs,

Partied more than I should,

Always needing more,

Just because I thought I could.

The price I've paid,

May to some seem steep.

For the choices I made,

You sow what you reap.

So I may go,

Before my turn,

'Tis the bitterest of lessons,

I've have learned.

So out of control,

No time to say my goodbye's,

Took all that was good,

And corrupted with lies.

Now I've seen to much,

Lived a life without cost,

And I'm to far gone,

To even know what I've lost.

End of Line.

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