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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hey all,

I'll be commenting more on the real origins of this poem tomorrow, but suffice it to say I attended a wedding on Monday and this poem is what I felt during the ceremony and reception. The trick in this poem is the repeating word, they. It represents everything that both unites me and tears me apart. I think it came out pretty well considering.


How softly they touch,

Oh how jealous I feel.

So slowly they dance,

As my fate sets to seal.

Now in passion they kiss,

While I longingly gaze on.

The embraces they share,

Find me life's bitter pawn.

These looks that they stare,

Are some I've not known,

And these moments they treasure,

Become something I cannot own.

Why are they happy,

When I am so sad?

When is it my turn,

To get what they had?

The music they play,

Sounds me in sorrow.

They have so many loved ones,

And I can find no tomorrow.

They cheer and they clap,

Yet I am so solemn.

They are pillars of love,

While I'm just a lone column.

Vows they have made,

Are pledges I've not taken.

They are united in marriage,

And I am forsaken.

Why are they happy,

When I know not cheers.

When did just a day,

Turn to bitter years.

End of Line,

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