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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Line Up

Hey all,

As we are significantly into the fall season I have come out with some good interpretations of many of the programs I am watching. Overall, a very weak fall roster. I guess that is to be expected with the writer's strike really cutting into production time, many networks didn't have that wide range to pick from that they normally would.

Of all the new shows I think my favorite is Life on Mars, about a cop from today who is trapped in 1973. After the shoe string premise, it really dives into being a cop in Ne York in the early 1970's, a city chock full of change and racial divides. The characters are all very different, each filling in a needed niche.

Other than that I am not sold on any of the new shoes. Shows like My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater and Lipstick Jungle are nearing the axe, as well as Knight Rider and even my beloved Pushing Daisies. I think Daisies, which started off so strong, got hurt the most by the strike. With only a 9 episode first season and ABC not bringing in new episodes until almost 9 months later, they lost any momentum they may have had. That is what is hurting them now, they have been out of people's minds for to long.

Fridays continue to stay dismal with Crusoe and Sanctuary, two highly touted genre shows that haven't lived up to their potential. I feel the same way with Kath and Kim. I want to like the show more than I do because I think the casting is great, it just hasn't found a balance between the awkward humor of the Office and the straight up fun of My Name is Earl.

Speaking of the Office, this has to be the best returning show of the season. Each episode has been better than the last. It continues its well worn path of awkward hilarity.

Mondays continue to chug on with Terminator, a show I hope continues to do well, but is up against stiff competition. I feel the same way with Chuck, a program that I really like for its general fun and sense of life. A lot of people seem to want to rip Heroes, but I have been okay with the seasons so far. I know that several of the producers of the show were let go and I am hoping that will provide a springboard to some more action.

A pleasant surprise, for me at least, is Legend of the Seeker, a genre fantasy show based on author Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth books. Its one part Adventures of Hercules, one part faithful adaptation. It is definitely a bit camp, but a show that I have come to look forward to.

I think the strongest launches have been in the field of animation. Family Guy and South Park continue to show they are proven hits over the years. I come to look forward to their shows with more regularity than many of my old stalwarts. I even have to give props to Cartoon Network's Clone Wars, which has really rebounded against the camp of the film version.

Hopefully January will revive the TV doldrums with the return of Lost and the debut of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. As new stuff rolls out I'll try to keep you abreast of what you should be watching. Thanks!

End of Line.

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