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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hey all,

So I have to credit the source of inspiration for this poem to my room mate. Not necessarily with the poem itself or the contents within, but in the theme. After reading my dark and brooding last poem, Jason pointed out to me that I never write any happy poetry that isn’t a love poem. So I set out to try to correct that with this poem. I tried to find a single thing that made me happy and construct a poem around that.

That didn’t work.

So I decided that instead I would take all the small moments of captured happiness and make that into a bigger poem. This poem is simply about finding the little moments of your day, whether in the moment or in your memory, that make you happy. I can’t say I really like the title though. I try to take all of my titles from an actual line in the poem itself and that was really the only word that captured what I was going for. I hope you enjoy the change of pace.


Where the softest light flutters through the blind,

When dusty motes are caught in kind.

And in the shadows there between,

Are the moments shared unseen.

For the smallest beat of measured time,

When the seconds tick off the prime,

We find ourselves with something more,

The stuff of storybooks and fancy lore.

Its the fall of a single drop in the pouring rain,

Or being on a beach and finding a certain sandy grain.

It’s the sound before the clash of thunder,

And the source of a child’s sense of wonder.

They are in all manner items that aren’t defined,

When you plunge the depths that can’t be mined.

It’s in our hearts and souls as they run unfettered,

Even the tactile things that make us feel better.

Like opening your presents on Christmas morn,

The emotion you felt when your child was newly born.

In feelings you had for your first crush,

Or the smell you get from a flower bloomed lush.

In each brave instance it's captured anew,

Another piece of a greater clue.

Happiness is faint and fleet,

So savor the things that cause your heart to beat.

They come not often or with reason,

And wax and wane with each new season.

But its the moments that make you smile,

That make even the darkest day worth the while.

End of Line.

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