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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 35

Reny held his gun out in front of him, his body torn and shredded from numerous cuts and bites. Sweat poured from his brow and his hands shook, the unstable gun still aimed at Katee. Billy looked at him, seeing how Reny's skin had turned sallow and his eyes took on a yellow haze.

"Where are my children?"

Reny repeated the phrase and Katee bent down to pick up his baby, still swaddled at her feet. Root glanced through the depot's window at the advancing monsters, and heard the train as it began to roar into the station, with no signs of slowing. Root knew that what he decided to do next would either save himself, or damn him forever. he glanced first at Billy, jerking his head towards the window, motioning him to watch their rear. Next beckoned to Katee, indicating her to hand over the baby.

"Reny.. look, here is your daughter. Take her. She is here just as we said she would be."

Katee turned angrily toward the Sheriff, clutching the baby tight to her chest.

"Root... you can't be serious! Look at him!"

"Katee, it's the only way. We have to make that train. There's NO TIME! Its her, or us."

Reny jerkily walked forward to meet Katee, each step more labored than before. His gun slipped from his grasp as he reached out to take the infant. His arms shook worse with each step and his rasping breath led a trail of blood down his lip, blackened blood turned sour.


Reny had said those words, the phrase sending flecks of corrupted blood from his mouth as he reached out to take the baby. Katee reluctantly offered him the child, never taking her eyes of of Reny. With a final desperate motion, Reny took the baby from Katee's arms as she scurried backwards, tears running down her already streaked face.

Reny collapsed to the floor, holding his baby close, muttering incoherent words to her, as the three survivors broke out the back door and dashed for the speeding train, already nearly clear of the station. Root hoisted Katee up to the first cart as it sped by and grabbed the railing, holding out his arm for Billy to grab. With a final look, Billy glanced over his shoulder to look at the town of Contention, and the last thing he saw was Reny's face at the window, fresh blood dripping from his mouth.

End of Line.

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