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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 38

The explosion was deafening. The bridge shattering in an array of metal and wood that showered Billy and Katee on the engine. The trailing cars tumbled down Hicken's Gorge, end of over end as they erupted in flames and smoke. The lead engine cleared the edge of the track just as the final final explosion ripped the rails from the mooring brackets.

Billy pulled himself off of Katee having covered her from the debris. He put his arm around her and looked behind them at the smoke wafting from the bottom of the gorge. Bits of wood and metal were lodged in Katee's tousled hair, and the two of them were covered in cuts and scrapes. Billy turned to look at Katee, hair askew, face covered in soot and blood, her dress tattered, and smiled. He brushed a stray strand of hair away and pulled her in close, sharing a long and hard kiss.

They kissed for a long time as the train slowly lost speed along the tracks, the only sound the coughing sputter of the dying engine. Finally they pulled apart and Katee looked up at Billy, her Billy. His face was a mess of cuts and dirt, dark trails of dried blood along his ears, and she smiled back. They held each other together, Katee's face buried deep into his chest as she cried until the engine finally died and drew to a stop.

"Come on Katee. If we walk through the night we can make Desperation by mornin'. We can find some help, and tell people what happened. If they believe us."

"As long as I am with you, I'll be okay."

They gathered up their meager supplies and weapons and headed west along the tracks. Walking hand in hand, they watched as the black sun overhead finally drew to a close and the moon rise in the east. They were almost free.

End of Line.

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