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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three Little Words

Hey all,

Here is my now third Valentine's Day poem. I have now for three years in a row posted a Valentine poem. I really haven't done a straight up love poem in quite a while, though I think I have towed the water a bit. Anyway this is a holiday that typically I hate. I hate being alone, I hate having no one to share it with, and most of all I hate myself sometimes for not having more courage.

I tired to push all that aside and just do something romantic. Let me know what you think, and I hope you all have a good Valentine.

Three Little Words

On today of all days,

How can I measure my love?

Is it with angels singing,

From the Heaven's above?

I'd offer the sun and the clouds,

The moon and the sky,

Just so you'd know,

There is nothing I'd not try.

I would give you worldly gifts,

Like candy and flowers.

Even a romantic getaway,

The jewelry falling in showers.

I could sing you a song,

Or recite poetry I've read.

Write you a sonnet,

About the path our loves led.

Paint a picture to capture,

The romance of our youth.

Even make some other craft,

To tell the same truth.

Yet all of these gifts,

Would pale in compare,

To the gift you've gave me,

Of your love and your care.

The only thing that I want,

Are three little words.

A simple message "I love you,"

That's the sweetest sound ever heard.

End of Line.

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