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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jam Session

Hey all,

Sorry I was absent most of the weekend. I had a really cool opportunity to attend the NBA All-Star Jam Session. The Jam Session was held in the Phoenix Convention Center and was open for 6 days. I got a chance to attend the VIP opening on Wednesday where I hot all the booths, then actually work there for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Work was one of the sponsors of the event, and they needed experianced staf to work the event. I was actually elected one of the floor supervisors, so it was my job to coordinate my side of the store. Satuday and Sunday was busy, but we had so much staff my role was mostly supervisory, but Monday they put the screws to us, running on a much shorted staff than they had anticipated. I actually worked pretty hard for my shift, working 4 seoparate stations at once back in the production area. Then once it ended, helping with cleanup and equipment breakdown.

I think it was a lot of fun also to work with all the different staff members that were there. People from all over the state and from different store types, franchise owners to corportae members like me, young and old, it was really a slice of what makes my job great, all the different people you interact with. I got to work one day with my assistant manager, which was fun, as well as one day with my brother who came in as a support staff volunteer. It was nice being able to work with him again after all these years.

Still I made some fairly easy money, won some more money in a raffle ($100!) that maybe useful in replacing my digital camera that sadly got broken down there. I also won a track jacket and met several notable basketball players and a celebrity. We got a chance to meet Shaquille O'Neal, as well as Dwayne Wade, rookie sensation Brandon Roy, and future hall of famer Dikembe Motumbo. Sadly I was on the floor at this time and didn't get to take a picture or anything, but I did have the chance to take one with actor Chris Tucker, of Rush Hour fame.

He and I ate at the same table for lunch, and after his meal he was super gracious with his fans, taking several minutes to pose for pictures and sign autographs and make a few jokes. he smiled and treated everyone really nice, I was honestly surprised he was so cool about everything. the picture we snappped is blurry as hell, far to much light in the background and I don't think I can clean it up any better. I used the crappy camera in my phone because the good one was broken.

To be honest, I am glad I did this and the money sure won't hurt, but the days were long and I am ready to relax for a day or two befor eheading back to my own store to get everything back on track. All in all it was a really cool experiance that any sports fan should check out if given the oppertunity.

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