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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone So Special

Hey all,

As I posted earlier my Step mom has suffered mild stroke. She is still in the hospital recovering back east but I wanted to try to do something nice for her. I wrote this poem for her in the hopes that I could lift her spirit a bit and offer support even though I am so far away. I feel really bad that I can't be there for them right now, but I wanted her and my Dad to know how much I care about them and that they are not far from my thoughts or heart.

Someone So Special

You are not far from my thoughts,

My head lowered in offered prayer,

To seek a cure for what has wrought,

And find you in the best of care.

Know that I wish I was with you,

To offer support and a helping hand.

In my heart I'll see you through,

And whatever else you demand,

I give to you my love and aid,

And whatever means I have to lend.

So that the cause of ills now made,

Are not equal to the love I send.

Keep strong of spirit and keen of heart,

And let not the days hold you down.

For nothing can keep us apart,

As long as your family is around.

So hold us tight to your chest,

And remember these words unfurled,

That we are the ones truly blessed,

To have someone so special in our world.

End of Line.

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