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Monday, February 02, 2009

Assorted Nuts!

Happy February all!

January was sure a strange month for me, particularly in terms of posting. I got off to just a horrible start, finding very little to get excited about in my writing. part of me just was over writing in that first week. I think getting this little Western tale going has helped invigorate me to an extent. I am actually excited about going back to some Darkest Dawn this month as well as approaching another milestone post, number 400! This year should also see me break my 100th Flash Fiction tale (probably within the next two months) , and depending on my poetry output, my 100th poem sometime before the end of the year.

I have set some definite goals in posting for the year. I want to finish Three More Bullets by the end of the month, or at least by the first week in March. I also want to get one to two installments of The Darkest Dawn by months end, so definitely a month for short fiction. I also am going to try to commemorate my 400th post with a poem, as well as continue my Valentine's Day tradition with a poem. Another goal for the year is to try to better coordinate my columns with what is going on that month. For example if a big budget comic book movie is coming out that month, try to coordinate my Word Balloon! column with some work starring that particular character. I also have plans to talk about the NBA All-Star weekend (which I get to go to and be a part of!) and continue with my movie reviews.

Changing gears I would like to talk about that excellent Super Bowl yesterday. I haven't talked to much about football this year, but I am still a big fan of that and basketball. I didn't get to attend a game actually at the stadium this year, but I watched plenty on TV. It was wonderful to see the Cardinals make the Super Bowl. I have never actually had a team I actively rooted for in the Super Bowl, like my hometown Cleveland Browns or my current hometown Cardinals. It really was a different atmosphere, with everyone in a Cardinals frenzy the week leading up to the game. I have never seen more people in red and white than I did yesterday. It was really cool to see the state rally around our once beleaguered franchise.

The game itself was great come the second half. The Steelers are an excellent team and a storied franchise, but I think the Cardinals played well. As a team many predicted wouldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs, we have to be happy with their performance. This is our first winning season in 10 year, and only our second winning season in the 20 years they have been in Arizona. Hell we hadn't won a playoff game since 1947! That's a long drought and to make it as far as we did and to have a chance to win the game right until the end, well I take this season and be happy.

At any rate stay tuned in this month as I promise to keep the updates flying!

End of Line.

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