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Friday, February 06, 2009

Concert Time: Buck-O-Nine!

Hey all,

So last night I headed out to see my first new show of 2009, and my first show since my birthday back in October. Playing down at the Marquee theatre in Tempe was the Ska is Dead show, featuring 5 ska bands on one card. I missed the opener and since all the bands were not listed on the ticket, I don't know who the first act was. The other 4 acts were all known quantities in the ska scene, including the slightly lesser known Deals Gone Bad, plus Buck o Nine, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, and The Toasters.

To be honest it wasn't the best show I have scene. Deals Gone Bad was an average act and I didn't know much of their music. The Glow Skulls and the Toasters had a lot of good tracks that you could dance to, but again they are not huge acts that I really like. The main reason I went was for Buck o Nine. They played a great show early last year and I was hoping for a repeat. Despite not being quite as good as the previous performance, they were still the best act of the night. Truthfully, they should have closed the show instead of playing third and there set should have went for at least an hour instead of 45 minutes. A few more songs or an encore would have been great.

Still they played two of my three favorite songs of theirs, including Irish Drinking Song and Water in my Head so that was really fun to sing along to. I can also say that I am pretty sore from dancing and moving all night. I am not a big dancer, but being in the concert environment really makes me want to get my big ass in gear you know.

The show wasn't huge, maybe 300 people at the most were there. Ska may not be dead, but its certainly on life support. The big time acts like Reel Big Fish or Less Than Jake can still pack them in, but its hard to see a style of music that I really like sort of fade away. I guess its good to have a range of musical tastes so that I'll always have something to like.

At any rate it was a good way to kick off the concert year, and I am already planning on trying to see Rancid in the spring, as well as the No Doubt reunion show this summer (mainly for the awesome opening act that's touring with them, Bedouin Soundclash!) I am sure there will be a few other shows that will catch my eye this year. I am hoping to catch some new acts, like Jenny Lewis or Rilo Kiley if they tour.

Stay tuned this week, I am going to start new flash fiction this weekend and hope to return to the Darkest Dawn by next Wednesday. Thanks for sticking around!

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