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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Little Lie

Hey all,

Not a lot of precursor to this poem. I wrote it to kind of deal with those moments n your life you lie to yourself and how you eventually feel coping with the truth of the matter. Thanks for reading.

A Little Lie

Told myself a little lie,

That grew greater in the telling.

Soon enough time did pass,

Even I believed the selling.

Thought my chance for happiness,

Was waiting there for me.

A foolish thought for such as I,

To blinded by dishonesty.

Could have seen that turn of fate,

To find some blessed progress.

In the end I found the answer,

And all that could have been, regress.

Colors shined into my world,

A spectrum seen through hooded eyes.

In truth the world is black and white,

Shaded by a false disguise.

Now I bare the truth to heart,

Wiser for such wear.

Won't let myself get fooled again,

I couldn't take more despair.

Say goodbye to all that mattered,

Hello to what what does not,

Shoulder now the truth to burden,

A hope one day this lies forgot.

End of Line.

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