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Monday, December 24, 2007

My Christmas

Hey all,

Been working on a Holiday poem for a few days now. I really tried to create a poem that evoked traditional Holiday tones. Something more along the classical Christmas songs and stories from the 50's and 60's. Not exactly breaking new ground, but Christmas is such a traditional Holiday I wanted to really try to recreate those feelings you had when you were younger. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas

The snow had fallen in the whitest of sheet.

As my family did gather together wholly complete.

They arrived to my home bundled up warm,

As carolers came by with songs to perform.

We trimmed the tree and decorated with lights,

The children running about with heartfelt delights.

Stockings were stuffed with candy and toys,

Presents were wrapped to spread the yuletide joys.

The decorations were hung all over the house.

Enough to inspire even the grinchiest of grouse.

Mistletoe dangled under each door,

As we kissed and laughed about Holidays before.

Father sat by the fire and read Christmas tales,

Telling those stories with vivid details.

Mother in the kitchen baking a feast,

Ten kinds of cookies were served in the least!

Throughout the year my family may drift away,

But we always come together on this special day.

As my Christmas came to its long end,

I realized the greatest gift is family and friend.

End of Line.

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