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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flash Fiction: Under A Dead Sun

Episode 4:

Katee kissed Billy, a deep urgent kiss, a kind that she hadn't given in a long time. Billy pulled her tightly in his embrace, reveling in her warmth. The cold air seeped through the thin walls of the farrier's stable, and you could still hear the groans of the undead below them. Billy lay arm in arm with Katee, looking at her in the low light of the solitary lantern that illuminated the hayloft.

"What are we gonna do Billy?"

"We sure as hell can't stay here much longer. The longer we stay to ground, the more' o them things will sure show up."

Billy looked at their meager weapons cache, his Colt, with maybe 5 or 6 spare rounds, and the Winchester. Katee had the scattergun, but it only had 1 shell left. Billy peered over the edge of the hayloft, at the growing number of undead. He then looked to the loading window of the hayloft, and the pulley that ran the spare bales up to the loft.

"Katee, grab the Winchester and move towards the window. Reckon its time we do something a mite drastic."

With that Billy grabbed the spare can of kerosene and starting shaking it out over the side of the hayloft. When it get low he threw the can over the side, listening to the dull thud as it hit the hay strewn floor. Billy grabbed the scatter gun and took aim.

"Hold tight Katee."

End of Line.

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