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Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation Update

Hey all!

Not a whole lot to update on today, though I want to admit how excited I am getting for my vacation next week. First off, work is sending me to National Convention for 4 days in Las Vegas. This should be excellent as work is picking up my flight, hotel, and food bills for the 4 and a half days I am there.

McDonald's is putting me up in the Paris hotel, and supplying me with like a $100 spending money. We will spend Monday flying in and going to one meet and greet/ rally then have a free night. After that Tuesday and Wednesday have us attending different seminars and booths in order to help us learn new techniques in management and equipment. Tuesday night will be a free night by about 9pm so plenty of time to do stuff then. Wednesday night will see me at a beach cookout type thing until 11 or 12 at night so I don't think that I will be getting to crazy that night.

I am sure we will do some drinking and such, last time I went to convention I was partying with the regional director of the Rocky Mountain area( Vegas, Phoenix, Denver) until 5 am one night. Hell I only spent like $200 of my own cash last time work put me up. If you now the right people you can coast most of the trip without buying your own drinks.

I gotta be honest, my last Vegas trip with Bill was AWESOME, but I spent way to much money and partied WAY to hard. I am really going to be on guard for 2 reasons, one I am representing work and I don't want t be the bad apple, no matter how much I ate my job, and 2 I want to have plenty of cash left over for my vacation which starts immediately following Vegas.

After Vegas, I fly straight to San Diego for Comic -Con. I even got work to pay for my ticket to San Diego instead of me flying to back to Phoenix. I'll catch a ride home with Jason and Autumn so that will work out nicely. Comic Con is really gonna be HUGE this year and my inner nerd... well and my outer one can't wait. I defiantly will give you the full rundown on my return.

I will really try to get another poem up in the next few days, and count on a post or 2 before my week long departure.

Oh and a small bit of TV news.. If you get the G4 network which covers video games and pop culture stuff, they are running an excellent preview of Comic Con. Well not so much as excellent but pretty insightful. Man There are a bunch of nerds going to this con... oh wait.. I'm one of them.

Ahh well... let your flag fly free.

End of Line.

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