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Friday, July 06, 2007

Beneath My Own Stained Moon

Happy June Folks...
Sorry for the gap in posting, another long week at work and I haven't been home all that much. Thought I would treat you to another poem. This one turned out really dark.. Umm really dark. I am not sure what really inspired it.. it started out a lot different than how it actually came out. Originally it was supposed to be just another sort of heartbreak poem... but I guess it changed. But that's okay.. it does that sometimes.

Beneath My Own Stained Moon

I've been sitting here,

Waiting for the quiet to end.

An impossible task,

There's no use to pretend.

I watch and stare at myself,

Trying to find the man I used to be.

Instead of the burned out reflection,

Looking back at me.

Tomorrow comes a day too late,

Yesterday came a day too soon.

I'm trapped once again,

Beneath my own stained moon.

Caged within in a prison,

Of no bars or band.

A glass walled cage,

Held within my hand.

Trapped by this demon,

Who won't let me free.

Thrust the Angel of my God,

To fly so far away from me.

Drowning myself,

One lonely cup at a time.

Dwelling on chances missed.

Of my own self-wrought crime.

The curtains have pulled shut,

From a life once full.

Now held in a shallow grave,

Of empty promise and ritual.

Blind away the pain,

Telling myself more hateful lies.

To bury the truth in the dark,

And gouge out these fucking eyes.

Withered so far into the numb,

This heart so made of black.

Tear it from my chest,

Never too look back.

Drink deep one last time,

And cut a smile on my sleeve.

A fitting end,

To leave away what I believe.

End of Line.

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