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Friday, July 13, 2007

A Thousand Painful Stings

Hey all.

I wrote this poem drawing my inspiration from all those break up type moments you have in life. Though I am not the expert in such matters, I wanted to try to put some different levels into this poem, something i don't always like to do. Poetry should be subjective to the reader and they can draw what they will. I hope I conveyed some different undertones, I felt like I rambled a little on a verse or two, I didn't want it to get away from me. I wanted a good ending line, and my first shake at it wasn't what I liked.

I've said in the past that I like poems to be done in one sitting, two at the outside, more than that and I think you lose your original thought process on the poem and that whatever you were subjected too in between sittings can change your view. I want the poem to encapsulate what that moment in time was about. I don't know that any of my poems are any good, but I like writing them and its very liberating. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

A Thousand Painful Stings

It's happened once again,

Walked straight out the door.

Packed up all her bags,

I'm left here wanting more.

Called me vile names,

Said many hurtful things,

Though some did I deserve,

Like a thousand painful stings.

We argued so much more,

Not as happy as we use to be.

If only she'd come back,

I even miss the misery.

I made a few mistakes,

Should have tried so much more,

She always knew the truth.

A hard way to even the score.

I would trade most anything,

Just for one chance.

Anything she asked,

To rekindle lost romance.

I'll wait here by myself,

For as long as need be,

Hoping that the door will open,

And end this lonely agony.

I promise here to you,

That I can really change,

It's not like it was before,

Who I was is out of range.

No more broken promises,

And no more empty lies.

We can light the ash of passion.

Like a phoenix reborn to rise.

This isn't the first time,

But it feels like it's the last,

Waiting in the dark,

The end just came to fast.

End of Line.


eltoromuerto said...

This one flowed real easy and smooth. Maybe because I have been there alot. But this one sunk in deep and has a pleasant sting of familiarity. Kudos.

GERRAD! said...

Appreciate the feedback. Good to hear that I hit what I was aiming for.