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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vacation Part 1

Hey all!

Finally back from my vacation and I thought since so much was going on I would split the updates into two columns. The first column will deal with my time in Las Vegas, tomorrow the Comic Con. I also wrote 3 poems on my vacation that I will update over the course of the week.

Las Vegas was not as much fun as I wish it was. Vegas is about getting wild and partying all the time, and that's not really an option when you are there for work. I have never really considered myself a loner or solitary person by nature, but I found myself mostly on my own in Vegas. All the managers sort of fell into cliques, which I guess I am not really part of. There is one manager, Ramon who I would consider a good friend, but the rest are really just acquaintances. I don't really hang out with work people all that much, I mean the last thing I want to do most of the time after I get off work is sit around and talk about more work with people that I have to see all the time. It doesn't feel like my own time then.

Anyway I ate a lot of solitary meals Monday and Tuesday. I did try something new to eat, something I like to do when the opportunity presents itself. I ate Veal Sweetbreads, which is the thymus gland of a baby cow. Sounds gross... but tasted good. My boss thought it was pretty gross, but that made me like it more.

The convention stuff was pretty tame, I didn't take a whole lot away from the booths that I didn't know, but I did get a few ideas on tome things I will use to build some sales.. I am gonna try to do a reading hour at the store. Should be good for the community and good for the kids and hopefully build some sales. The learning events were at least more interesting this time, we did one where we got to build welcome baskets for struggling families who are living in the Ronald McDonald house. Any you look at it it beats going to real work.

Tuesday I got so pissed at the rest of the team that I told them all to fuck off and quit calling me. We were supposed to meet at a bar across the street from Ballys. I was staying at the Paris and those bastards had me crossing the strip like 3 times, and its raining and I am getting pissed off and finally I told them off. I find out the next day they were next door to Ballys in a little shitbox casino bar down a side street. None of which was ever told to me.

Wednesday was better. After the convention closed and we ate dinner as a division, we went to closing services. They had a few bands, one was made up off members of Santanna and Journey and they did Santanna's big hits, I think they were the Greg Rolie Band. After that the main act for closing ceremonies were Earth, Wind, and Fire. This would have been great if I was like 45 or 50 i guess, but I didn't really get into it.

After the session a bunch of the supervisors and store managers got together in one of the Paris bars and proceeded to get drunk. We started at 11:00pm, and I didn't stop drinking until 8:30 am. Rusty Nails, my drink of choice (scotch and Drambuie)and various shots led to us getting pretty trashed. Everyone starting cashing in about 5:00am, except for the director of Phoenix, Chris (whom has been making our life a bit of hell and is a big reason I am looking for work), Sherry, and operations expert, Roxanne, a fellow restaurant manager, and myself. I don't have the clearest recollection but I do remember dancing with them and the girls exchanging lesbian encounter tales, and Chris and myself talking music and movies and generally getting along. We capped it off with beer and crepes at 8:30 for breakfast and then I showered and changed, packed my bags and hit the airport for my 11:00am flight to the Con. I didn't sleep for like 48 hours straight As I conned all day Thursday after the flight!

I'll update more soon!

End of Line.

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