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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hey all.

Just a quick update today. One of my favorite movies is This is Spinal Tap, which if you haven't seen is a must. A great send up of 80's rock excess and really one of the first mockumentry style films. What makes the movie so good is that the three main characters, David St. Hubbins, played my Michael McKean, Nigel Tufnel, played by Christopher Guest, and Derek Smalls, played by Harry Shearer, really play thier own instruments and sing thier own songs. The kicker is that the songs, as a parody on 80's rock excess, are actually really good and catchy, Like Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight, or Big Bottom.

Anyway Spinal Tap has kind of taken on a cult status since the 1984 film and they reunited for Live Earth this past week. I caught the performance on MSN and I really wish i could have gone to England to see them perform. They did Stonehenge, their mock rock opera, A new song called Warm as Hell, which wasn't bad, and Big Bottom. Big Bottom, which all three characters play bass guitar on was great! Funny too, as they had all the bassists playing the UK Live Earth come out and play bass on the song, like 15 guys playing bass. Members of Foo Fighters, Metallica, James Blunt, Beastie Boys, Madonna's band's bassists/.. everyone!

It's really awesome that they reunited, and I gotta hope for a US show! I seriously would drive to wherever they were playing just to say I saw the Tap. Check out the MSN feed on Big Bottom and sample the album for the original movie. You won't be sorry!

You have to turn that performance to 11!

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