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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Feel So Far Away

Hey all!

I don't know if this poem is a success or not. I really wanted to do something different and have a returning verse in a poem, sort of a chorus or something. I tend to think that this wasn't my best attempt. I took 2 long cracks at this before I finished it. This isn't my favorite, but I gotta post the good and the less than good, though maybe someone will like it. Eh either way enjoy.

I Feel So far Away

Forgotten once again,

Nothing ever stays the same.

Yet here I am now,

No more lives left on the game.

All by myself left here to play.

While I feel so far away.

So many years have come and gone.

Everything seems to have changed.

Time may move on,

But I'll be left estranged.

It doesn't matter anyway,

Cause I feel so far away.

A lonely path I walk,

Surrounded on all sides,

No one seems to care.

They wash out with the tides.

A sea of people that never stay,

But I feel so far away.

Tired of the same old grind,

And I know all these familiar places.

Everyone is so far lost.

I can't remember all their faces.

Left alone with my dismay,

Now I feel so far away.

Now i find myself again,

In this company of one.

Remember better times,

For I'm on a journey long begun.

All affection did I betray.

Still I feel so far away.

Isolated by design,

The only thing left is all the pain.

I can't keep it all inside,

And yet here I remain.

All that's left is this cliche.

And I feel so far away.

End of Line.

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