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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Has The Sun Gone To Lie?

Hey all,

A bit of dreary poetry to brighten, or maybe darken, your day. It's been several weeks since I took a stab at writing and this one came really easily. I typed every line in about a 20 minute span total, only getting stuck on one rhyming couplet, but even then when I found the combo it seemed perfect. I typed it really fast, mostly I think because a lot of this stuff is very much on the surface of how I feel right now. Very confused, lonely, scared, a strange time of year to be sure. I'm going to be another year older soon and I still have so many questions. I hope you like the poem, I actually didn't hate it to much when I re-read it to myself. Enjoy as it where.

Where Has The Sun Gone To Lie?

When did it get so cold outside,

Where has the sun gone to lie?

When brightest day turned to night,

And alibi's became my plight,

I hid behind a love found false,

My beating heart the stillest pulse.

For all the lies I told myself,

Pretending your richest prize my wealth.

That I'd had your heart in mine,

Yet you'd left mine still behind.

Wished I'd seen you every day,

Wishing more I'd made a better play.

Shared a hug, even that soft kiss,

But in the end our hearts amiss.

Couldn't come clean or tell you true,

Just can't say how I feel for you.

If I'd been born a braver man,

Then perhaps that thought could stand.

But every day I die a cowards death,

Holding your name upon my breath.

Perhaps one day you feel as I,

Better still sometime I'll reach up high,

To grab your love and hold you tight,

Only then will my world feel right.

Until that day I'll stay your friend,

Suffer the pain until the end.

I know in my heart your worth it all,

I just hope that I survive heart's fall.

No more tears or forlorn thought,

From this world of which I've wrought.

In the shadows my heart will wait,

For the sun to rise on what is fate.

When the warming rays will heat the shore,

And the sun awakes on so much more.

End of Line.

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