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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Concert Time: Star Wars Live!

Hey all!

Last weekend I won two free tickets to see something called Star Wars in Concert playing at one of the arena's in town. I had heard about the show but I hadn't thought much of it as tickets seemed pricey and there was a seriously good chance that it would be epically lame. The music of Star Wars replayed by a live orchestra, supplemented by video montage from the films.

To be honest, I am really glad that I won. It was a really amazing experience that reminded me why I loved the original trilogy so much. The tickets were very good seats, lower level seating just to the right of the stage. They also had a lot of actual Star Wars Memorabilia on display, like the original Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and Boba Fett costumes, plus props and other items from the films. The entire event was hosted by Anthony Daniels, the actor who portrayed C-3PO in the films. I have to say, I treated the ceremony with just the right amount of apathy, seriousness, and fun to make the entire event entertaining, and not just a huge love fest for all that is Star Wars. There was a little, yes, but overall he brought in the perfect human touch.

The orchestra playing though songs live was really wonderful as well. Hearing them on a CD or in the film, even from a high school band, doesn't match the palpability or impact that a full classically trained orchestra brings to the table. A blend of strings, horns, drums, harps, you name it, they captured the sounds and songs of Star Wars and recreated them right there. The video montages were fun, but I was even more brought into the story when they added in laser light effects, strobes, and fire blasts that wafted out into the audience. It created a really powerful environment that I enjoyed. I mean it certainly could have gotten lame quickly, but they did a great job of finding that prefect medium of fun and seriousness, the perfect reminder of why Star Wars resonates so much over 30 years later.

Big recommendation to check it out of it comes by your town, I know that if it happens to come by next year, it's something i will give serious thought to revisiting.

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Craigaleg said...

I am hearing nothing but good things about this concert. Congrats on getting to experience it, it sounds like a damn good time for any fan of Star Wars.

GERRAD! said...

Thanks for checking out the sight. Absolutley was a must see for anyone in Star Wars...