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Monday, October 26, 2009

Costume Contest!

First Name: Mister. Middle Name: Period. Last Name: T!

Hey all,

Last week we had our fall /mid year outing at work. McDonald's likes to get together a few times a year as an entire salary team to communicate group goals and actions. Most of us store managers meet on a monthly basis, and even more regularly in out team groups, but the opportunity for the entire salary team, from the corporate regional leaders and supervisors, to the store and assistant managers doesn't happen that often. As a member of the corporate McDonalds, we have about 50 salary staff here in Phoenix, not counting all the big wigs out of the Scottsdale office. The last two outings we have had as a group have been set up by myself, last year around this time organizing a group haunted house expedition, and the Christmas party where we caught a Suns game.

When it was time for the mid year party, everyone wanted me to set up something for another Haunted House. Working with my boss, we organized food at a place called Islands grill, a nice blend of food and drinks, very low key and causal, as our goal was to allow everyone to relax. We had organized the food right after our all team meeting, in which we as a group got to get together to discuss business strategy for the last fiscal quarter. Before the meeting we encouraged everyone to come to the get together in their Halloween Costume, and promised a $25 Gift Card to the winner of the best costume. I was really happy with the turnout. Everyone, from the supervisors and staff, up to our regional boss dressed up in some fashion. Fortunately for me, it was my costume that stole the show.

I have been swearing to do this costume for nearly two years, chickening out last year due to my commitment to officiate a wedding and not wanting to ruin that day with my ridiculous haircut. This Mr. T costume is something I have wanted to do and I was so happy with how it turned out. I mean my hairline isn't the greatest to begin with, I have a bald spot that crested WAY early. Still the spray color from my hair worked out nicely giving me a nice full head of hair. Ahh memories... It is really the commitment to the haircut that made the difference.

After the meeting and food, we headed to a place called the Fear Farm, a haunted house and corn maze combo. As the organizer, I set up several checkpoints in the corn maze (a non scary attraction) marked with ribbons for us to gather. We then broke the crew up into 4 color coded teams and timed them. the team with the best record and who collected the most ribbons would win some prizes. that was a big hit with the team, even though as the guy who placed the markers I couldn't play. After the corn maze we broke up and went through the four haunted attractions the place offered, They really mixed it up this year, with fears ranging from chainsaw wielding blood covered maniacs that chase you, to surprising spooks that would spring out of the dark, to slowly walking creeps who would stalk you even outside the attractions. They also played on peoples fear or the dark, with areas that were pitch black, as well as claustrophobia, making you crawl through black curtained holes that pressed in all around you. It was a definite step up.

I think my favorite part was actually every one's reaction to the costume though. The staff at work, the people in the restaurant, even walking through the haunted house, people couldn't get enough of Mr. T. I posed for a good 15 to 20 pictures throughout the night, from co-workers to random patrons at the diner or the attraction. Even walking through the haunted mazes the folks who are supposed to be scaring me would stop and say, "Are you Mr. T?" or "That is an awesome costume!." It was both surreal and totally fun and amazing.

I am really glad I had the chance to go out and do this. It was so much fun. I am looking forward to Halloween itself to have one more chance to dress up this year and get a little more mileage out of this stupid haircut. Enjoy the pic and thanks for reading!

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Craigaleg said...

It turned out great man! That is a killer costume if you can stop people in a maze that are suppose to scare you.

Billy said...

Brilliant costume man! Loved the pic. Guess now you know how all the people at Con feel :) You wanna dress up this year? If I actually make it all the way across the ocean and into SD I think such an epic jaunt would merit me getting all fanciful :) What do you say?