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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

*Flash Fiction went up a day early today for a special post tomorrow*

Chapter 21

I leaned against the bar and tried my best to blend in. Normally this isn't a problem, I'm about as nondescript as you can get which certainly pays in my line of work. In this case though, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I crumpled my hat into my jacket pocket and pulled it tight around me covering up the sight of suit and tie beneath it. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and did my best to tousle it up, but my face still looked like hammered shit. I grabbed a beer from the bar and slunk back into the darkest corner I could find, though I kept my eyes locked on Annie.

I could tell she was in full work mode, the way she would rest her hand on one of their arms, the way she laughed and smiled whenever they said something. How she leaned towards them letting them take a peak at the goods , or the way she touched their shoulders and maintained connection. All tricks of her trade, tricks she knew well. I took a long pull from my beer every time she did one of them though, trying to settle the roil in my stomach that came from seeing her with those bastards. Still Annie knew how to take care of herself, so I sat back and waited, leaning as deep into the shadows as I could, and trying vainly to drown out the techno shit that droned endlessly on.

Horner and Sixx continued to party, surrounded by their body guards, throughout the night. Annie stayed at the table, though some girls came and left there were always 10 or so at the table. Annie knew the right buttons to push to stick around though, especially with Horner. I knew Johnny Sixx was the real deal between the two, Horner couldn't rate enough to get a couple of goons like that, Horner was trying to up his pay class. Annie stayed by his side though, flirting, kissing his neck, playing a part that I hated. She knew he was the easier target, stay close to him and we get our results. I knew one thing myself, I was gonna kick this guys ass before the night was out.

After several hours, and several beers for me, Sixx motioned for Horner to go. Several new guys had approached the table and I knew that this is who Sixx had to have been waiting for. Roger slinked off and while most of the girls stayed. Two did leave with Horner though, a tall blond in a red leather halter top and skirt with a black jacket, and Annie. Horner stopped by the bar, several feet from me and I caught Annie's eye, who gave me the slightest of nods. Horner spent a minute throwing back a couple of shots fro himself and the girls, then wrapped his arms around each of their waists and left the club. I waited a few seconds and followed. Annie had played her ole, now it was my turn.

End of Line.

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