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Monday, April 07, 2008

Raise a Pint!

Happy April folks!

Umm, WOW. This may be the longest span I have had since restarting the blog last year that I haven't posted. I feel really bad, posting is something I have committed to but the last two to two and a half weeks have been so packed that I haven't had time for anything. The housework has gotten away from me, the yard work is really out of control, and things are still tight at work. I can actually feel the tension in my shoulders and the bone weary feeling that seems to permeate my being just isn't going away.

The bright side is that I have some good topics for posting over the next few days that I hope to target and I am committing to a posting streak of at least 9 straight days of new material. Last month I went 8 straight days posting so as a sort of "I'm sorry" for the lack of posts I am going to buckle down and get this work done. Part of this is due to my commitment to post at least 15 times in a month, and with seven days already down, I have to get writing.

I ma even get to a new poem that I have been starting to kick around in my mind, but no promises on that, I want my next poem to be different in feel and texture and not stale, retreading what I have said before.

Anyway thanks for your patience and continued support. You should take this day to raise a beer as well, as its the 75th anniversary of Prohibition lifting. CHEERS!

End of Line.

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