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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 20

Billy stared straight down the barrel of Boon's pistol. Instinctively, Bill ushered Katee slowly behind him, shielding him from Boon. Katee still clutched the old Navy revolver she had picked up from Deke, but Billy slowly slid his pistol back into his holster.

"Take it easy Tom, we gotta stay together."

"FUCK THAT SHIT OATES! Did you see what the fuck just happened? He had his fucking throat ripped out and he got up and tore into that other fucker like those things outside! I'm not letting any of you come at me."

Billy grimaced as he watched Boon circle over by the remains of Barry and crouch down to pick up the scattergun, the whole time never lowering his gaze, or his pistol, from Billy.

"Boothe didn't stop until Barry blew his head out with this scattergun, and that exactly what the fuck I'm gonna do to you. Exceptin' I'm not gonna make the same mistake he did, I'm gonna.."

Before he could finish the sentence, the remains of Barry Crouch, suddenly sunk his teeth in Boon's ankle. Boon screamed letting off a shot that missed Billy by inches. Boon looked down at Barry tearing into his ankle through his long johns and emptied his pistol into Barry's back. The beast jerked with each shot but tore more ferociously after each wound.


Boon tried to maneuver the shotgun into position but before he had a chance there was another shot fired and Boon feel backward, a bullet in his head. Billy looked behind him to see Katee clutching the revolver in both hands, the barrel smoking, with a look of determination on her face. She fired another round into the head of Crouch, his body jolting still in a pool of brain and fluids.

"Get that fuckin' scattergun Oates..."

End of Line.

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eltoromuerto said...

Always did love this story line...and it keeps getting better. Would make a great movie.