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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't Know What Love Is

Hey all,

I been working oer this poem for a week or so, as part of my commitment to work on at least some other kinds of concepts. I don't know that I really broke new ground, but I think at least in term of subject and rhyming schemes I was different. This poem had a very specific kind of tambour in my head, sort of a lyrical pattern, especially in the last lines of the the rhyming pattern. Anyway I'll be back on tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

Don't Know What Love Is

I don't know what love is,

Something I've forgotten,

Maybe I'll never know again,

What the heart feels when besotted.

Myself just alone now,

No other in comfort,

Time and time again,

All that's left is the same hurt.

Do others feel as I,

Left with no spouse,

Alone in my thoughts,

Coming home to an empty house.

Once full of life,

The vim and the vigor,

Now fallen to dust,

With the pull of a trigger.

Taken from me,

In the prime of her life,

Lost to the darkness,

Goodbye my sweet wife.

I'll remain faithful to you,

In thought and memory,

Haunted by what was,

Heartbroke from cruel tragedy.

I don't know what love is,

I never want to know,

There's no ease in the end,

From broken heart's cruel woe.

End of Line.

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