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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 19

Billy watched from the balcony as the door to the Hotel burst open and a group of men fled from the building. A few had stopped and opened fire on the creatures, but most headed for the livery. Gun fire erupted through the street as the monsters were ripped apart by the spread of bullets, but most of them hardly slowed.

The men running for the livery encountered a group of the monsters and fired their guns into them. Billy looked at the Sheriff's office as Root darted back in the door, pulling it shut. Billy then watched another man get tore to pieces as the creatures feasted on his entrails. The creatures seem to move faster when blood was spilled, and the men quickly lost the fight. He held his hand to his mouth as he watched the carnage. All of the men who had let the Hotel lay broken and bleeding in the streets, as the monsters set upon their remains. That's when he heard the screams from the Hotel, the screams of women and their cries of terror. Billy stifled a tear if frustration, so much death, how was he going to make a difference against something that didn't die.

That;s when he heard another woman's scream, much closer this time. From down stairs. Katee's scream.

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