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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Concert Time : Streetlight Manifesto!

Hey all,

Sunday night I got a call from my friend Bill with an invite to go hit up another show. Several months ago when we saw Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake in concert they had an opening act called Streetlight Manifesto, a band made up of the former lead singer of another ska band called Catch 22. Well, they are on their first headlining tour and Bill really got into them after the last tour. Myself, feeling particularly guilty that I had skipped out of the last show they went to, Guttermouth, agreed to meet up and hit the show.

We got down there no problem to a fairly small show, and I came to a kind of scary realization. I was the oldest mother fucker at the show. I don't think of myself as old per say, though this year I will turn 32. I guess that's not REALLY old, but when you see kids who weren't alive in the 1900's at the show you get to thinking. There were maybe a total of 400 people there, and that's a generous figure. Of those people, maybe 15 had a drinking age bracelet on. To know that these kids think old punk rock is Blink 182 is kind of depressing. I was seeing shows when some of these kids weren't born yet, or the teenage ones that were only 6 or 7 when i was hitting shows. I mean there were seriously 8 and 9 year old kids at the show!

Anyway despite the age difference, I still had a lot of fun. The opening acts of the show was an acoustic singer named Daniel P., and I pretty much hated what he was singing about. I found it kind of boring and uninspired and it was really weird seeing just 1 guy on a stage that is set up for bands. The second act was a band called Nox, who I have never heard of before. Sort of a rock band with fiddle player added in. The first half of their set wasn't really inspired, but they did turn it on during the second half with a fabulous cover of The Pixies Where Is My Mind, and ended their list with a pretty decent ska song (really the only one they played.)

Streetlight really made up for it with their list. They had a much improved stage presence and a great line up of songs for their act. It probably helps that I have listened to their CD's a bit since their last performance, but their playing really got the small crowd up. Mosh pits and skanking, I even started dancing! I never dance but in the moment we are feeling it and moving it. I recommend trying out their Keasby Nights album is you are into ska music, in my opinion I like that one a bit better than their other Everything Goes Numb. There aren't many bands making ska anymore, but I enjoy the genre a lot and fast catchy beats always get me pumped up. Hopefully They will be back along again and we can catch them again.

The only drawback is that I was pretty sore after all that dancing on Monday. Maybe I am getting to old for this shit!

End of Line.

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