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Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Little Savior

Hey all,

A quick poem that I have been dabbling with over the weekend. I have been running the title through my head for about the last week and I new that I would use that line in my next poem, sort of about people rescuing ourselves from one another. I think after this poem I may take a break for a while from poetry. I am really struggling to write and there are some couplets in there that I may have used in other poems before though I am not sure. I did like the pattern to the poem though, as every 2 lines rhyme, then in the next two stanza's the couplets rhyme with the same words from the previous one. So five rhyming sounds in 30 lines was kind of fun. Part of me wanted words that I could rhyme into a workable poem so maybe that had something to due with the familiarity. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem and I hope to repost tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

My Little Savior

Somewhere along the way,

Some traveled path I couldn't say.

A wrong turn so easily made.

And what's important gone to fade.

Happiness turned so blue,

Indecisions left to construe.

Remorse, regret still left behind,

Redemption lost in passing resigned.

Depression's depth from bounding highs,

What I've become even I despise.

Until we met that faithful day.

And my darkness found itself at bay.

When I pushed back your love still stayed,

Giving courage when I felt afraid.

From your life I birthed anew,

In your heart you knew it true.

Freed from those ties that bind,

Unlocking the secrets in my mind.

You could see the truth within my lies,

Tearing away my soul's disguise.

My little savior does now allay,

The hurts and pains of life to pay.

Her voice a song of serenade,

A melody so sweetly played.

So when the dark starts to subdue,

I find my rescue in the arms of you.

My sight rebounds from times so blind,

Our lives together grown intertwined.

That I love you so is no surprise,

Twill remain that way 'till our demise.

End of Line.

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