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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hey all,

This marks my 200th post on the site. It seems not that long ago that I was writing a poem to commemorate my 100th post, and that took a long time seemingly to get to. Adamantly I have made it a point this year to commit to posting on a more regular basis, but still it feels good to know that I haven't given up since re-dedicating myself last year.

In reflecting on the site I took a look at some of my older posts and tried to see if I have made any growth. I know I wrote a lot about creating more work and starting a novel, none of which I really got around to short of the flash fiction. I also have come to think that the audience I wrote for is very small, most likely only my roommate and his girlfriend. Truthfully part of that is depressing. I write because I really love writing and words, but finding an audience should be something I make a better effort to do. You can't help but wonder why you are doing something if no one is there to see what you have done.

I like to think that I am leaving every out there when I write, at least in terms of the poetry I post. Lately I have felt I am forcing the poems and retreading to much of the same ground. I need to find the inspiration to make better work consistently. To improve past what I know I can do into the realm of what I haven't done. I write fiction because that is what's fun and that helps me find some kind of small measure of writing to do everyday. I've often heard that a writer writes everyday, and I don't think I am writing enough. Expanding what I am doing should be my target for my own development. I know that my writing has a long way to go, but hopefully I can continue to make that journey with those who read this blog.

Thanks to those who have read what I have done, and for what I shall still.

End of Line.

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