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Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy Unqualified

Hey all,

Sorry about missing the next flash fiction update. There have been some family issues at work with one of my managers experiencing a death in the family and everyone is pitching in to help out with coverage, and that means me too. I really have been suffering from low energy and inspiration, i just need a day or so to recharge and get the juices flowing. I also bought some vitamins so I am hoping that they can provide some much needed rejuvenation to my weary bones.

I did have the small opportunity this week to get my ordination completed. I have been asked to conduct the wedding of my brother and his fiancee and to do that I had to become a licensed minister. I'm now able to conduct weddings, baptisms, and funerals! It's very ironic to me that someone with so little religious faith is now a Reverend. If anything it will be something funny to tell people. Hi, I'm Reverend Gerrad McConnell! That's wild. It was easy too, just sent some money over the Internet and apparently that's all it takes!

As funny as it is, I am taking my role very seriously, this is my brother's wedding and to be included in the ceremony is something that puts some pressure on me to do a good job. I am hoping to take a week or so in April to work on the ceremony and procedures that they want to do and get prepared. At any rate it will make a good story.

I'll keep the site updated as we get closer to go time, and hopefully I will get back on a better posting track as we go through the remainder of the month. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.

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