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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 18

Billy crouched out on the saloon's balcony, his scattergun propped against the railing. He peered out into the eerie darkness, counting the creatures that roams through Contention's streets. There were at least 30 or so, all in different states of decay, but all with those enormous jaws and fangs. He watched as two of the creatures ripped into the remains of a woman lying in the street. Her head had been busted open and one was licking the remains out of it as the other chewed on her intestines.

Billy stifled a gag and continued to look out, trying to make little noise or attract attention. He wasn't sure how these creatures responded, but he sure wasn't going to give them any ideas. He looked at the buildings along Contention's main streets, any showed lights inside, but so far he had yet to see anyone.

As Billy looked at the buildings, movement at the Sheriff's office caught his attention. Root was waving his lantern in behind the shade of his office, the weird shadows acting as the pre-arranged signal. He crept back in the saloon and called down the stairs.

"Root's on the move!"

As he returned to his watching post, he saw Root crack the door open. Billy unholstered his Colt and prepared to cover Root as he broke for the saloon. Just as Root eased the door wider, all Hell broke loose.

End of Line.

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