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Friday, December 04, 2009


Hey all,

I really wanted to post today and I was having trouble finding a good topic. After a few hours of staring blankly, I decided to change the wheels and take a crack at some poetry. I usually do a holiday poem around this time of year, though this one is a little earlier than I usually post, but ever since I wrote the last one I wanted to do something positive and upbeat and this seemed like a good topic. Anyway I hope you like the poem, simply titled Christmas. It's about what this time of year means to me.


Its the crunch of the snow,

Underneath my feet.

Which has fallen so thickly,

In the whitest of sheet.

It's the cold bite of air,

Inhaled in my lung.

From the chill breath of winter,

The season has sprung.

It's the setting of the sun,

So early to dusk.

As the days grow shorter,

Shedding daylights husk.

It's bundling in coats,

To stave in the heat.

Wrapped in sweaters and scarves,

Dealing cold it's defeat.

It's giving of yourself,

For it's that time of year,

Volunteering for charity,

Full of yuletide and good cheer.

It's the decorations and lights,

Putting the star on the tree.

Unwrapping Christmas presents,

As children's faces light with glee.

It's in singing Christmas Carols,

Our voices filled with joy.

In the welcome arms of your family,

For each girl and boy.

It's watching Christmas movies,

The Grinch or A Wonderful Life,

Standing beneath the mistletoe,

Just to kiss your wife.

It's building a snowman,

Or the jingle of bells.

It's decking the halls,

Where your happiness dwells.

It's nearly the day,

So soon comes Christmas Eve,

So remember one lesson,

It's better to give, than receive.

End of Line.

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