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Monday, December 07, 2009

Out to Sea

Hey all,

So I was watching television and got inspired to write this based on a musical performance by the musician Jenny Lewis. Well not actually the performance, but a story she told based on the inspiration for one of her songs. A very melancholy tune, its called "Pretty Bird", and the song came from a story about a woman raped and murdered on a reservation. Now the poem itself is bit of a step away from that, but it is about death and love, and it defiantly channels some of that heartache and pathos that Jenny captures just so wonderfully. I certainly add my own homages of love and loss and a bit of tragedy. I also like some of the very quick and simple structural patterns in the poem itself. Anyway, enjoy the poem as you will, a far cry from my Christmas poem to be sure.

Out to Sea

Under a pale moon light,

Beyond the setting sun.

The coast line falls,

When the days come undone.

I rabbit from my flesh,

As my skin starts to crawl,

Exposed to the world,

Like they can't see it all.

Close my eyes,

It all feels to bright.

Even the roar,

Of softest candlelight.

The bluest of skies,

Lost under a sheath of stars,

The greenest of Earth,

Lay blackened from afar.

Have no sense of right,

When it all feels so wrong,

Which way is up,

Seems I've been lost all along.

Confusion is pain,

Wandering like a mess,

Hurting myself,

Because I don't confess.

Tearing me up,

The agony that I feel.

Every thing's so wrong,

It all got just to real.

Wish I could change,

All my damned mistakes,

Take back the hurt,

And the lies, so fake.

Wander out to sea,

The waves at my feet.

Salt licking the wounds,

Of a gradual defeat.

The chill hits my bones,

Frozen to the core,

All save my heart,

Which was like that before.

Drink the deepest drink,

'Neath a watery breeze.

Soon it all grows cold,

And brings me to my knees.

Goodbye cruel life,

And my fairest love,

Soon I pray to join you,

In the Heaven's up above.

The coastline is silent,

Save the watery tides,

Of the unending ocean,

Where I'll finally reside.

Washed away to sea,

This body but a shell,

My souls gone to Heaven,

My body's gone to Hell.

It's a small price to pay,

For all that I have done.

The horrible things I said,

And all the hurts that I begun.

I said no fare thee wells,

Not even one goodbye,

This is the fate I deserve,

A final place to lie.

End of Line.

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