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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poetry: Because I Love You

Hey all,

I wanted to throw up another post today to some separation between my upcoming Flash Fiction posts. My goal will be to work on my Christmas story for Friday, and get to a potential back to back Flash Fiction post this weekend with Noir Story as it heads towards its final few chapters.

Anyway this poem was a bit of work I have been hatching out in my head over the past couple of days. I had the rhythm of the poem, the cadence, stuck in my head for a while, and after a bit of playing with it I found something That i was okay with structurally. I wanted something that was ultimately about love, though from the point of vie of someone in love with someone not capable of love. Often my poems are told from a first person point of view, with the object of love being the idealized perfection and the writer being the one flawed. This time I wanted to alter that, and try something where the writer is in love with someone deeply flawed. At any rate I am happy with the poem now, though a few days from now may change my opinion. Let me know if you like it.

Thanks for reading.

Because I Love You.

Standing apart so alone,

With such heavy sins to atone,

But you know I'd forgive you.

You try to push me away,

Deflect the feelings you allay,

Because you know I'm there for you.

Terrible things have past,

The abuses have grown so fast,

Why do you blame you?

But you know that I'm concerned

About the bruises and the burns,

Oh how I'd heal you.

All the ways you shoulder pain,

Are the reasons I remain,

For I'll never leave you.

The moments that you fake,

To cover feigned mistakes,

There's no lie I wouldn't tell for you.

And every time you cry,

A little part of me dies,

All the more reason I need you.

It's every time you hurt,

I want to give a little flirt,

And show all the ways I want you.

Why can't you ever say,

Why is everything so stowed away?

I'd take the burden from you.

You know I'll always wait,

Pay the destiny of my fate,

That's why I'm meant for you.

There's no easy way to write,

The reasons for your plight,

I won't give up on you.

So everyday I'll hope,

That one day you'll learn to cope,

And I can come to you.

Until that day will pass,

I'll pray a single mass,

For God to hear you.

And when cleanse your soul,

I'll be there to make you whole,

To finally calm you.

You're the only girl for me,

I'll be as happy as can be,

Just so I could thank you.

All the years may pass by,

But my heart won't grow shy,

It's just because I love you.

End of Line.