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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey all,

Sorry about the moratorium on posting the last week or so. I have been having a really hard time at work this past week and it has honestly just taken everything out of me. I am coming home just physically and emotionally spent from the work day and I haven't really been able to shake this funk. In the past two weeks I have gone from a pretty good situation with my managers to a fairly slim one. It's effected my staffing levels and ultimately the other managers have not increased their productivity to help me out. As a result I find my self taking on more responsibility and ultimately increasing the amount I have on my plate.

Conversely my boss has been deep up my ass unhappy with pretty much everything I am doing this month. I am not working the right days, not focusing on the right tasks, and not giving him the numbers he wants. Truth be told, I am working on my plan to get these things back along the lines we have been running, the difference is I am doing it with less help and it's harder, frankly, my other assistant managers need to step their game up and they haven't been. I am just tired of hearing my boss bitch about everything. Even when I have great numbers he still finds the bad, he constantly looks to put you down or make you doubt yourself. It has never been good, but this past 6 months it has been worse.

For the most part I do like my job, the people and the the actual shift by shift basis are often times fun and easy, and I do get a feeling of reward when I am teaching a class or coaching someone. It's all this other crap. I don't know. I am just really tired, really ready to get away from work (yeah I know.. I was out of the store for like 3 weeks last month but so much of it was on the go) I just want to unwind and decompress.

Basically just frustrations and discontent at the workplace spilling over into my creative output. I missed my Flash Fiction post this past weekend, so I am going to attempt to get back on track the next few days with a new Noir story tomorrow, plus an edition of the Rewind before the end of the month. Stick around, I may even get a bonus Flash Fiction tale before the month is out too.

End of Line.

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