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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 16

STUPID! STUPID! I'd let my guard down and now the fucking bouncer had me by the scruff of my neck. He jerked hard and I tipped over the back of the couch and hung by my neck against the wall. Kitty tumbled to the side, legs spread so far apart you could almost see out her throat. She hit the ground hard with a thud, but I still couldn't get an angle on the guy who had me, his sweaty grip was like a vice. I started to twist, but the second bouncer rounded the corner and entered the cubicle. He was a huge mother fucker, all muscle and no neck, with black eyes that almost seemed cut into his face. He reared back one meat hook and socked me so hard in the gut I lost my breath. He clocked me again across the jaw and I saw stars. A third punch and I felt one of my eyes swell shut.

The guy who had me by the neck let me go and I hit fell against the back of the upturned couch. I watched blearily from my good eye as the second bouncer laid a few boots into Kitty as she lay crumpled on the floor. She cried out after the first one, but a few harder kicks later and she didn't say a word. Just curled herself into a ball and whimpered. I tried to suck in a few breaths to get some feeling back in my chest, I knew these guys weren't quite done yet. I'd obviously hit a nerve, a nerve that was about to hit back.

The first bouncer came around the cubicle and pulled me up by the collar, I thought about going for my gun, but I couldn't get my head clear fast enough before he introduced his fist to my face. I felt my nose crunch and tasted something dark and coppery as he pulled my head back by the hair and asked me why I was lookin' for Elsa Lomack. I smiled, the blood stained between my teeth, and spit. Probably not the smartest move, as it pissed him off good and he rear back and knocked me again. My eye, still tender and puffy, split and I cried out as I hit the ground. He grabbed me and pulled me up by the shoulders. The second goon grabbed my legs and the two carried me out the back entrance.

The back alley reeked of piss and shit and old garbage as the two pushed me up against the wall. One screamed at me, asking me question, while the other held me up, peppering my gut with punches. I didn't say anything, just tried to draw my breath and wait for the chance. After a few minutes my chance came. Good one wanted a shot at me again, and they switched. I was tired, and hurt, and my left eye was wrecked, but I knew that it was now or never. I snapped out with my forehead, headbutting the second bouncer when his face was turned. I brought my left hand up and flexed a single rigid finger, and jammed it stiffly into the eye of goon one. He yelped in pain as I brought my right arm around, holding my gun. I pointed at the two bouncers, one laying on the ground clutching his bleeding eye, and the other who was picking himself off the ground, wiping blood from his forehead.

Now these fuckers were gonna answer my questions.

End of Line.

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