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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 13

I tossed the wad of cash into the passenger seat and got out of the cab. It was still mid day and overcast, but it always seemed that much darker in the Burrow. I watched the cabbie drive away as I pulled my collar a bit tighter around my neck. My first stop was a once over of the burnt out tenement that was Horner's last known address. I didn't really expect to find any answers, but I needed to start at the beginning.

I spent half an hour rooting through the place. The police file said the place had burnt down over faulty wiring and there wasn't much left. Nothing of value that had survived the fire had long been swiped by looters, and the place was in such bad shape that even squatters didn't stay here. I riffled through the litter and the remains in the room, but came up fruitless. Eventually I decided to check out my next lead, my last lead, at Sin's Castle.

Sin's was a rough joint. I had told Annie about the lead on the way home last night and she had tipped me off to a contact there, a girl she had once worked with named Kitty. Sin's was about a 15 minute walk from the tenement and even though I wanted to take a cab, I had fat chance of one stopping for me in this neighborhood. Cabbies know better than to pick up fares around here. Still, it was early enough that I wasn't to concerned. I made the walk in 10 minutes, but found the club closed. They didn't open until 5. I walked across the street and grabbed some coffee and a sandwich at a greasy diner that had seen better days.

I watched the club as I nursed my cup and fired up my cigarettes in succession. People started showing up around 4:30, but I waited until nearly 6:30 before heading over. My breath was heavy with nicotine and caffeine as I walked over. I discreetly slid my gun into the small of my back in class one of the bouncers patted me down. I wasn't worried about it really, at a place like the Castle, a weapon may have been the least of your worries. I showed my license and paid my cover before heading in, before heading towards an ass kicking that I wouldn't soon forget.

End of Line.

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