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Monday, June 08, 2009


Hey all,

Got a bit of the poetry bug today so I decided to try my hand at writing something in a strangely different rhyming scheme. Six line stanzas rhyming over 3rd line. I didn't know if it flows as smoothly in some stanzas as it does in others, but it was an interesting attempt that I enjoyed playing with. It's always a challenge to work in a format you have never tried before, even if the topic beats a familiar tune. I'd love some feedback as to whether it worked for you or not....


I hear a hunger,

And the sound is fading in,

Through the soft and silent night.

I begin to wonder,

If this is when it will begin,

Or the start of a fight.

The empty walls beat inside,

Pumping through my hollow veins,

Flowing out my empty heart.

Through a path to wide.

Though I must pray my will abstains,

If not its back to the start.

Echoes bound though lifeless calls,

And I can't find my way out.

So I sit and wait to die.

Wondering how far one falls,

When you are pray to doubt,

And all that's left is to wonder why.

Now the silence sleeps,

Under the day bright light,

Its always easier at the dawn.

Those are the times I keep,

Locked until the twilight,

When I'm once more memory's pawn.

Maybe one day,

I'll know why you left me here,

And all the things I did wrong.

This is the price I gotta pay,

'Cause now I want you near,

You're what I needed all along.

As once hot life flowed through my soul,

Now the warmth has cooled away,

And the heart pumps its frosty beat.

So I feel this gaping hole,

From this losses lingering stay,

Because without you I'm incomplete.

End of Line.

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