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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Assorted Nuts

Happy June all!

WOW! Last month just flew by and I haven't posted as consistently as I'd have liked to, but I am feeling that it may be a running theme on the blog. I have been fighting the effects of a really nagging cold for about a week now and I just haven't been able to shake it, though physically I am feeling so much better. I still have a pretty wicked cough and my voice is just shot, though i feel pretty good.

I definitely am planning on continuing my posts with new Flash Fiction , including Darkest Dawn which was MIA last month and diving deeper into Noir story, hopefully I will run about 20 chapters or so of that one. Also tomorrow will be my review of Up from Disney.

As we dive deeper into the month I hope to really start getting stuff ready for next month. July has a lot of traveling on my plate with stops in Orlando, for a work convention, and at Comic Con shortly thereafter. Con is always fun and exciting, but the work one this year should be cool too, we are going to make quick stops at Universal Studious and Disneyland, very fun.

I still have multiple pieces of vinyl art to work on that I am going to work on later today as well for further Di-Vinyl columns and concert season is picking back up soon. Hopefully I'll make it to one of the upcoming shows this month, either the new Warp Tour or the Yeah Yeah Yeah's next week. Stay tuned guys! More fun stuff to come!

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