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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey all,

I wrote a quick poem tonight about life and the journey you lead. I had read a story on the Internet about a man;s best friend dying and I was kind f moved to write a poem about the journey of life, and why some people die early, and why some people seem to bring brightness into a room. I hope you like it, this poem really only took about 30 minutes or so, very fast for my usual style. Thanks for reading!


What is life but counting days,

Falling off in so many ways.

Like that of some great candle,

Dripping wax upon the handle,

Tall and thick the tallow's rend,

To the golden base in which it tends.

Light the wick and life takes start,

The melting max shall fall apart.

Pooling drops fall like years,

And sooner comes the day one fears.

For as long as your flame does flutter,

The life you lead shall find no stutter.

Some choose to end in one great puff,

Other ride it far more tough.

Many light the other end,

And burn out quick, cannot defend.

Some burn brighter than those around,

Fewer still snuff out with no renown.

Yet longer now the times does pass,

'Till soon the days end, alas.

The flickering wick all but out,

Growing cold like so much doubt.

As the final fires turn to ember.

Look back on a life remembered.

When you looked down upon the world,

As life's challenges lay unfurled.

But in the end you look upon the high,

A black unknown awaits your last goodbye.

A life so brief in fanning flame,

Of happy days and guilty shame.

Burning bright in fullest vigor,

And waning then from life's hard rigor.

When I die then I'll embark,

Without life's light I'll face the dark.

End of Line.

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