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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Assorted Nuts!

Happy April...fools!

Ahh another month has come and gone. In looking back at my output last month I think I am a bit disappointed. I really thing that I could have posted more if I had made a better effort, especially with The Darkest Dawn. I have reached that space where there is so much exposition to get out before ramping up to the climax that I lost steam. This month I intend to only post Darkest Dawn flash fiction in hopes of getting on track before turning back to some shorter tales in May.

I have a pretty full workload this week and may not post as committedly as I want to, but I hit a vacation in about 7 more days and with that I am going to really dedicate some time to writing.

I will say that it felt good to finish up Three More Bullets. With the exception of the final two chapters which ran a little long I kept it to about the clip that I wanted and think that I found a nice end. I think next up for short term purposes I will be looking at some assorted crime and noir type stories, I am going to try out some books on the subject this month and see if I can flesh some kind of idea out.

Thanks for sticking with me on the blog and I;m committed to posting that new instalment of the Darkest Dawn by this weekend. Keep on reading.

End of Line.

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