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Monday, April 20, 2009

Assorted Nuts!

Hey all,

Sorry for the gap in posting this month, I am working a very involved schedule doubling as both a store manager and an area supervisor and my plate is just swamped. I have serious amounts of work to do at the store, including getting my numbers in line and reporting numbers for my group of stores. In addition my store is being remodeled and I have been having issues with contractors finishing my equipment so I have been at the store a lot!

A small update as far as the blog, I am really going to try to get about 15 posts in this month and I know I said i was only focusing on Darkest Dawn for Flash Fiction but those posts are so long and detailed that I wanted something easier and quicker to get up in the meantime. I am going to start a small noir slash crime detective tale tomorrow that I will leave a little open ended so we can see where it goes. Hopefully it will be fun and combine the flavor of Darkest Dawn with the more criminal elements of my last post, Three More Bullets, but set as a modern detective tale. These are going to be smaller in scale and hopefully only 3 to 4 paragraphs to keep it succinct and a faster read, along the lines of the early Flash Fiction I posted up. Hope you dig the series.

Enjoy and I'll try to keep the pace!

End of Line.

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