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Monday, April 06, 2009


Hey all,

Short poem written while I should have been playing closer attention in traffic school. Expunging a ticket and expunging sad thoughts. A productive day.


Broken dreams have turned to dust,

Years have past and gone to rust.

Under strain does oppression take,

The pressure's weight claimed its stake.

And through these odd and lonely years,

My failures yield but doubt and fears.

Though my life is not as planned,

In a world alone I ride unmanned.

'Till my sorrow builds upon itself,

This lacking life my sole wealth.

From this window it all goes by,

And I wonder why I should even try.

People rush both to and fro,

To happier places and full lives they go.

I gaze upon those with a happy face,

Lost in the pity of my own disgrace.

I've shut myself away inside this room,

Afraid of what possibility may loom.

Boarded the frame and locked to door,

To protect myself from wanting more.

My own heart kept away from the chance,

Secreted from the pains of lost romance.

How can you kill what you never had,

But if I am so safe then how am I so sad?

I've so shielded myself from all those about,

That just now I've realized what I've missed out.

End of Line.

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