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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

True Story Time!

Hey all!

It's been a while since I posted a strange but true story and I have one that I really wanted to tell. This is a rare instance where I wasn't a part of the story, but I am going to relay it to you as best as I can. Unfortunately I can neither verify the the truth of this tale, and one or two minor details may have been skipped in the telling, but it was just weird and wild, and I did get the one guys job corroborated. I also don't have all the names involved, but here we go anyway.

This past Sunday I agreed to help my local comic shop move to a new location. I'd earn $10.00 an hour in store credit and there was a lot of work to do. this was a story being told between a few of the comic store store managers and one of the volunteers. It seems this one guy, sadly whose name I did not catch as we were stationed at different stores the whole day (him on breakdown and me on set up at the new store), runs a specialty website dedicated to basically nerd porn. Hot girls dressing up in various fantasy elements, super heroes, movies, the like, and posing for pictures with various elements of pornography. The website, which I had heard at the time but now cannot really recall, was called something like exploitedcomic (or at least close to that though I couldn't find them on the web.)

Now it seems this guy is very good friends with the family of Stevie Nix, the famous singer and front woman of Fleetwood Mac. In this case it turns out that Stevie Nix's niece is an amateur photographer (like her father) and does makeup and costuming for photo shoots. Occasionally Nixie (as she was called) does work for this guy. The kicker is that Nixie is only 17, a few months shy of her 18th birthday. Now her parents are aware of this and have signed releases and the like for her to work on shoots.

One day the photographer has a shoot with a smoking hot girl, just 18, who does full on porn. She has agreed to do a spread with this guy and calls up Nixie to do some makeup. Nixie shows up several hours later, much to the photographers chagrin at having lost so much time. She has brought another girl, 18 as well, who wants to pose. While he agrees, its getting late and he needs to get his shoot going. So Nixie does the makeup and is talking about how when she turns 18 she may pose nude. But she isn't going to be all exploitative and thrusting her pussy out. This sets off our young porn star who does exactly that thing and the two girls snip at each other the rest of the shoot. Meanwhile the photographer is talking to this other girl about potential costume ideas and sumps a laundry bag full of various panties on the table for him to pick through.

Now this site is run by pretty much nerds, and short of the photographer who takes these pictures for a living, the rest of the team does not. One of the other site operators is there and makes a face that the photographer describe as quite possibly the best picture of the night, at the shock and awe of so much available pantie. As this story is being told is when we all agree that you just can't show a nerd that much pantie and not have that reaction.

Meanwhile as this is all going down, Nixie's boyfriend shows up, also 17. As Nixie has completed makeup, she goes with the photographer to set up the studio shots. Our young porn star then gets to talking with the boyfriend, dumping a bag of various dildo's out and explaining to him the qualities of each for the shoot, and showing him different stills from her career in film, specifically the biggest group sex act she was a part of and the biggest facial she ever took. When Nixie finds out, the photographer literally has to separate her from fighting and sends her home to finish the shoot.

This story seems like one of those things that is so outrageous that it has to be true. Several factors were verified after the telling of this story, which sadly ended about there as it was time to get back to work. He does work for a website specializing in nerd porn and is a professional photographer. Allegedly he also works with Nixie and has mentioned that in the past. So take it for what you will. I want to believe it just on the fact that it is so crazy. Even if it isn't, its still a fascinating story. Enjoy it for what you will, it was just the kind of tale that is told when I am around.

End of Line.

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