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Monday, March 09, 2009


Hey all,

I really got on a writing kick this weekend with super long posts on movies and columns. In order to break up the repetition, here is a poem I wrote today. I was inspired by the fullness of the moon driving home from dinner tonight. The moon was very overcast and gloomy and it had a very melancholy air. I tried to run some subtly through the poem to give it a varied meaning and I think it turned out okay. I like to think that even when you feel at your lowest, the moon can be a very comforting sign when all you can see around you is darkness.


A moon drenched sky obscured by fog,

Thinning branches of supple light,

Trickling through the patchy mist,

As darkness dreams across my sight.

The black unknown in shadows wait,

For clinging bright has washed away.

Only the glow from this nightly orb,

Illuminates this course I must stay.

Lost among the foggy world,

When once its fire held a blaze.

Now I wander, dusk to dark,

Trapped inside a gloomy maze.

Once eyes turned towards the sky,

And witnessed as the sun grew cold.

First red then yellow, blue to black,

'Till endless night consumed the fold.

Now I wish for that day,

With my wounds to fresh to heal,

For these scabby salves have worn me raw,

And the pain still hurts to feel.

My only friend that misty man,

Whose craters offer a lonely smile,

To far away for me to reach,

Separated by an endless mile.

I reach my arm to hold you tight,

Though my fingers clench not but air.

An image held within my grasp,

How I wish that I was there.

So light my way through this life,

In wholest orb or half-lit moon,

I take what you can freely give,

And pray that I may join you soon.

End of Line.

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