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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

Hey all

So I saw The Dark Knight over the weekend and it is awesome! I may even go so far as to say that it is the best comic book movie ever made. Superb casting, excellent acting, a tight story, and incredible effects. Just overall a fantastic film that eclipses the greatness that was Batman Begins.

Picking up where the first film left off, Batman has the city gripped in fear, attacking the mob and criminals, inspiring copy cat vigilantes. The mob, pushed to the brinks by Batman's activities, are forced to turn to a psychopathic killer, the Joker, who up until that point had worked against the police and the mob. To not overly spoil the film, The Joker goes on a spree to show that everyman can have one bad day, and begins the process of breaking down Gotham City's three most important crime fighting figures, Batman, Jim Gordon, and Gotham's newest hero, District Attorney Harvey Dent.

Dent, dating Bruce Wayne's girlfriend from the first film, Rachel Dawes, has begun cracking own on the mob, with the help of Gordon and Batman. Joker begins pushing both the DA and Batman to their limits, eventually unhinging Dent, and driving Batman to the verge of quitting.

First off, let's talk casting. Bale cements his status as the top action actor in the business today. Playing the intense Batman t0 the limit. He truly is the best Batman ever to hit the screen. He manages to create a Batman who is both the intense crime fighter, and a man who is scarred by the past, wanting a normal life with Rachel, but unable to give up the Batman. Heath Ledger deserves every bit of praise in his portrayal of the Joker. Playing him as a scarred psychotic "punk rock" version of the Joker. He plays a combination of menacing and dark humor to a tee. I both laughed out loud at his actions, and was shocked by them. The supporting cast is solid character acting. Aaron Eckhardt plays Harvey Dent as both a white knight of law enforcement, but adds that subtle dark under touch that will eventually lead to him becoming Two-Face. Gary Oldman is great as Gordon, Michael Caine blends perfectly as the voice of reason and a bit of needed humor. Maggie Gllynehall is also a step up over Katie Holmes as Batman/ Bruce Wayne's love interest.

IF i had to voice a complaint, there are a few instances where the accent Bale uses is a bit over the top in his Batman persona. I can also understand some gripes about the films running time at 2 and a half hours, but I didn't have an issue wit it. Director Chris Nolan keeps the film moving, mixing action, character development, and plot advancement perfectly. One thing that my roommate pointed out was that often times you got so caught up in Ledger's Joker, that you paid so much attention to it, that you missed some of the film. There was so much pomp and circumstance surrounding it, along with Ledger's untimely death, that honestly I feel I may need to see it again to soak in the film and everyone else's actions even better.

I cannot rave enough about this film. It is my favorite movie of the year, and maybe the last few years. It is easily the best blockbuster in recent years. Heath Ledger, in my opinion, is totally deserving of the Oscars talks for his performance as well. Batman is by far the best film you will see this summer. It lives up to the hype. Check it out. The Dark Knight, with Christan Bale and Heath Ledger.

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