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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just A Touch

Hey all,

Sorry again from the gap in posting. My focus has been hit and miss this past month. Anyway i wrote another poem, about basically having sex. A romanticised sex, but sex none the less. In truth it was kind of hard to lay it out there without being to graphic, but still conveying the thoughts I had as I was writing this. Anyway thanks for sticking with me.

Just A Touch

A soft caress on palest cheek,

Brushing lips with fingers seek.

From your mouth to cupping chin,

Promises stirred deep within.

Trailing down your silky spine,

The faintest touch in tracing line.

Your curving hips and slender waist,

Each supple part it's blessings graced.

Sweetest breath blows in my ear,

Murmured promises as you draw near.

My hands run through your flowing hair,

As my eyes are captured in blue-green stare.

Our mouths grow close to aching kiss,

Anticipation an agony of bliss.

When they touch, my heart gives way,

A kiss that last 'till end of days.

In that touch we find each other,

Exploring parts of new found lovers.

Her hand runs upon my chest,

Urgent needs in finger's request.

I pick her up and walk to bed,

All in a language left unsaid.

Careful moves and subtle brush,

Have given way to passion's flush.

Quicker then to fill our needs,

My heart is yours as reason concedes.

Whispers gone to lusty cries,

As what we have reaches it high.

Collapsed together, arm in arm,

Cocooned in love and free from harm.

I brush your cheek just one more time,

A moment so perfect in sublime.

All this came from just a touch,

I never knew I could feel this much.

End of Line.

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