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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con 2008: Day 3!

Hey all,

Well day 3 is in the bad and it was packed! The best part of today was the day we decided to do signing lines.

I got to meet several artists and have them work on my DIY Munny, including Gary Baseman, Buff Monster, Attaboy, MAD, Mad Barbarians,Touma, James Jean, and Tara McPherson. I am going to try to get Frank Kozik to do something tomorrow and that should about finish up any blank spots on the Munny.

I also picked up a few shirts, including a great workshirt by Bawidaman, a fantastic pin up artist, a Tara McPherson shirt, and a new Batman logo shirt. Overall a very positive day. Oh I also got an exclusive Buff Monster release signed. It was cool!

The best part of the day was passing out flyers for Jason and Matt (Matt and Jason's) new book from Image Comics, Harry Walton: Henchman for Hire. The book is about a professional henchman and his trials as just a regular guy who is trying to make a living a from henching. Overall I think it is a very solid piece and I hope to see these guys in a third book sooner rather than later.

Later in the evening we watched some of the annual Masquerade. A collection of over 40 contestants with some staggering costumes we took a bunch of pictures that I will try to post up. Overall I took a bunch of pictures and I thought maybe I'll do a photo dump on the blog and add some funny captions. There are some pretty wild and weird choices that could be good fun to see over the next month or so.

Anyway it is hard to believe that Comic Con is almost over! Just one more day to go and I need to be up early so I'll post the final days recap in a day or so.

Thanks for reading and happy conning!

End of Line.

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